In 1975, The Jefferson’s spun off from All in The Family in 1975 and as the show’s theme song stated that the Jefferson’s ……….

“Well we’re movin on up, to the Eastside”.

On Thursday, February 28, 2019, Tannery & Company will be doing our version of moving on up as we relocate to Eastside.

Tannery & Company

Tax ∙ Accounting ∙ Wealth Management

740 E. Campbell Suite 120

Richardson, TX 75081



Transition is always full of surprises.  The first surprise is that our space will not be completely remodeled for us until nearly the end of April.  Flexibility is a key tenant of success in life and for the interim period, we will be in temporary office right next door to our future new office.

Yes, everyone will be there including Buddy.  He will be keeping his job as “official greeter” and cannot wait to meet the new FedEx and UPS guys and gals.

We are excited about our new location and cannot wait to have an open house and share our new space with you.  Look for that announcement later this Spring.

Our timing for the move is late afternoon on Thursday.  If you need us you can call or email.

Michael Tannery CPA, CDFA® AIF®

Registered Principal

Tannery & Company

Tax – Accounting – Wealth Management

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