Does your portfolio fit you?

Riskalyze first analyzes what level of risk you’re comfortable taking. Our experience tells us that a majority of people who take this assessment A.) have relatively low risk scores & B.) have portfolios that take on much more risk than is suitable for the client.
Many clients have portfolios that do not align with their current goals- the problem is they just don’t know. Allow us to take a deeper look into what you own, what risk levels you feel comfortable with, and how we can reposition your portfolio to match up with those characteristics.

Step 1.)

Capture your Risk Tolerance.


In order to start, you can either schedule a meeting with us or simply begin by clicking the link at the bottom of this page. When you click the link, a pop-up menu will open. You’ll be asked a few questions off the bat such as your age, your investable assets, any goals that you may have. Then you’ll begin to answer a series of questions which are tailored based specifically on your individual situation. Once you’ve finished the assessment, you’ll be able to view your number on a sliding scale. Does something seem off? Feel free to slide the scale one way or another until your values align with your tolerance.

Step 2.)

Compare your Risk number to your current Portfolio.


Step 3

Review your Stress Tests.

Let’s see how this portfolio would fare in 4 different environments. Does this seem like something that would work for you?


Step 4

Sit back and relax and let us manage the rest.

Let’s get started





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