Are you a half-empty or full person?

Are you stuck?

You just cannot decide which way to go or how to change?

Maybe it is a job, a marriage or other life decisions that and the stress builds every day.  In conversations I often hear that the decision was to just not make a decision.

What amazes me is the rationalization that not making a decision is not a decision.  People become paralyzed with the analysis and then fail to take action.

When you are confronted with this in the future remember this story.

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Can you say Identity Theft in Russian?

A key metric to being a Financial Olympian and living in the Digital Age is being aware of the  identify theft thieves that lurk in every corner of your life.. From your apps to your emails, it seems like cyber criminals are everywhere these days.  Today alone, I have won over $500,000 in the UK Lottery and have two offers for $50,000 from my long lost cousin Ernest.  All I have to do is click a link and give my entire financial history so they can access my money.  I may be slow on some of my Football Friday pics, but I am aware of what is the potential for identity theft.

In the US alone, identity theft is currently the fastest growing crime, with 9.9 million incidents per year (according to the Federal Trade Commission). Identity theft is a growing, expensive issue, costing its victims billions of dollars every year.

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Top 5 Items for Open Enrollment Season to BE a Financial Olympian

Will you begin your own adventure of filling out your company benefits ahead of time?  Or will you complete the package at 10 p.m. the night before it is due?

Do you want to Be a Financial Olympian about your company provided health benefits?

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Ten-Years-or-a-Life-Sentence for a Mortgage

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Have you done the ROTH IRA Two-Step?

Are you maxed out on your 401(k) contribution?  Possibly having your contribution limited due to lack of participation of the other employees?

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Save 20% on yourpurchases in the coming weeks, while supporting a great cause

How to Make 20% on Your Money
in the next few weeks.

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What and Where is your Financial Plan

Do you have a financial plan?   If I offered you $100 to bring it to the Tannery & Company Wealth Management office and review it with me in the next 60 minutes, could you?  Or are you like the majority of Americans living paycheck to paycheck.

The middle class have no plan when it comes to their retirement. So many of them are in their 40s and 50s with just $10,000 or less to their name.

Hope and a $1 will get you a cup of coffee and help get through many obstacles. But when it comes to our finances, let’s not leave them up to chance. It’s important for every one of us to come up with a financial plan.

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One SIMPLE Step for Creating Wealth

This is not your normal blog that will list 5 things that you must do to clean out your sock drawer properly.  Or 5 things you must obsess about in regards to hot guy you took home last night, calling or not calling.

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Big Tex Financial Planning

It is that special time of the year - THE GREAT STATE FAIR OF TEXAS opens today and runs for the next 24 days.  Yes, you have 24 daily opportunities to see Big Tex, take a picture while eating a Fletcher's Corny Dog, and drinking a Shiner!
So, what does Big Tex have to do with your personal financial planning?

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Are you a CRAPPY Parent??

The kids are back in school and now there is a routine to the day!!  However, sometimes chaos is the order of the day.

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